How I Made N7M In The COVID Month of May

My name is Gbenga Richmond — founder of FCube Academy.

Wait a minute…the N7M in May title sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this one is true sha!

What happened exactly?

OK, so I was just minding my writing business in the COVID month of May when my main Upwork client [based in Canada] reached out to me via Slack — asking if I was available for a 40-blog writing project.

In my mind I was like…really? why not o😎

Looking at the brief, I could see he needed all 40 blogs done by end of May and was wondering how many I could handle out of the 40 [on top the 2 blogs I was already writing for them per week].

As a sharp guy, I quickly told him I could draw up a small team to handle all 40 blogs by May end.

From there, we entered negotiation things…

I told him I’ll do the 40 blogs for $30K [that’s like N12M] but he was like, “Don’t you already handle one blog post @$500 per blog, meaning 40 blogs should be $20K?”

So, I told client to pay anything from $18K – $20K, hoping he’d go for the later.

Las Las we settled @$18K [which is like N7.2M].

Without wasting time, I quickly setup a small writing team as planned and together we fulfilled the 40 blogs successfully before deadline.

So, how much did I make from this writing contract?

That would be N5M after settling boys😍

What next?

Well, you might be wondering what other money-making true stories I have up my sleeves this C-season.

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Coach Richmond

P.S. Just for the doubting Thomases — check below to see the back and forth convo between me and my Canadian client!

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