Why I turned down a N3M+ a month writing contract in May

Yeah right…in the COVID month of May, I turned down a N3M+ a month writing contract — and unlike Lot’s wife — I never looked back.
How did this happen exactly?
Well, May was such a great month for me, you know.
Remember it was also in May that I got a N7M gig from my top Upwork client who reached out to me on Slack? Cool!
OK so, I was working on delivering the 40-blog project from my Canadian client by the deadline, when I received a message from Upwork.
Turns out it was an invite from one guy named Rudy who was looking for full-time copywriters.
In my mind, I was like…even though I don’t do full-time work anymore [I mean, how could I write full-time and still be your earn-from-home coach, right?], there must be a way around this one jare [especially after seeing that Rudy was gonna payout $100K or N40M per year to each hired copywriter!]
So, I responded to the invitation with my winning proposal and my best copywriting samples.
Surprisingly, he came back for me, said he loved my samples and was ready to hire me immediately…
1. I had to deliver 2 high-converting sales copy per day
2. I had to deliver this on Saturdays and Sundays as well
Confused, I went to my wife, showed her the life-changing opportunity, and asked her opinion.
She said, “If you have to work round the clock all day, every day, aren’t you already a slave to money?”
That question hit hard…
This gig meant I wouldn’t have time for family, friends, my students, and most of all — God. So, of what use will $8K+ or N3M+ per month be when there was no time to spend it on loved ones…and I couldn’t coach people like you eh?
So, I went back to Rudy and told him [without sounding rude] that I couldn’t take the job.
Trust me, it was a tough one…but I turned down a N3M+ a month contract for Family, Friends, You and God [I mean, Sundays must be spent worshiping Him with co-saints, no?]
What next?
Well, you might be thinking, “Richmond…biko show me the way na.
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See you—>on the earning side!
Coach Richmond
P.S. You can check out the convo between me and Rudy below…

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